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This is an Inheritance Cycle RPG forum mainly for me and my friend, but feel free to join if ya want to
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 Random Story #1

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PostSubject: Random Story #1   Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:37 pm

Tareesa ran through the forest, still hearing the other demons behind her, growling, snarling and snapping their jaws at her fox tail. Tareesa crouched down slightly as she ran and suddenly sprung up, leaping from the ground and grabbing hold of a high tree branch. Pulling herself up to sit on it, Tareesa saw two of the demons climbing up the tree.
Tareesa's ears flicked back and a growled espaced her lips. She then faced her palms towards the two demons and mumbled a chant and the demons exploded into smitherenes. Tareesa then waited for the demons to scurry off before she jumped down from the tree.
Tareesa heard the demons coming back and she panicked. Should she run? OR stay and fight? When an arm curled around her wasit and a hand covered her mouth. Her scream was muffled as she was pulled back into...... The tree?! She flicked her ears back and she growled. Tareesa managed to pull her head away from the unknown thing's hand and then she bit the hand she heard a yelp and they jerked away

[obviously not finished... will do the rest tomorrow...well more]
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Random Story #1
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