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 Wishful Thinking- For Competition

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PostSubject: Wishful Thinking- For Competition   Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:35 pm

Wishful Thinking
Koruk and Noatak , his father, were fishing of the bay. Noatak hauled in a net full of fish. “This should be enough,” Noatak said to Koruk, who was helping as much as he could. They hauled the net of fish and secured in onto the dog sled. And then they were off, on their way back to the settlement. Koruk lay on top of the fish, he wasn’t tied on because there was not enough rope. They had only gone a few kilometres when Koruk fell asleep. Suddenly the sled turned a corner and Koruk fell off. By the time Noatak had turned the sled around to get Koruk, but Noatak couldn’t find him. A snow storm was starting. Noatak cursed himself, got onto the sled and urged the dogs on.

Koruk trudged on through the thick snow. He had wlaked for hours. He had fallen of the sled and jolted awake. He expected Noatak to come back, but Noatak didn’t. So Koruk decided to find his own way home. As he trudged, Koruk thought he heard a noise. He stopped. Koruk drew his dagger from underneath his animal hide jumper and held it firmly in his gloved hand. Koruk saw something up ahead. He squinted his eyes and saw a white shape . A large white shape coming towards him.

Koruk kept his ground, holding his dagger tightly. He was very afraid. Koruk’s Noatak had told him about Polar Bears. “Never look them in the eye, they will see it as a challenge,” Noatak had said. The Polar Bear advanced slowly across the ice. It’s breath forming in clouds infront of its nose. Koruk stared at the massice beast. He couldn’t tell if it was male or female. If it was male, he should panic, if it was female, he would be save, but if the bear had cubs around here somewhere, it would be better off if the Polar Bear was male.

The ice bear was 10 meters away now. It was keeping its distance. The bear moved its great head and looked straight at Koruk. It titlted its head to one side. Then walked forwards towards Koruk. The polar bear was at arm’s length away from Koruk. He held his dagger steady, but the bear did not attack. It sniffed him, then it nudged his arm “What do you want?” he asked shakily. “Come,” the bear said in his mind! Definatley a female voice. “Why?” Koruk asked. But the bear turned and started to walk back the way it had come.

Koruk had no choice but to follow. Who was this bear and why was it talking? He had always wished he could talk to animals...maybe his wish was coming true? Koruk put his dagger away and fell into step with the polar bear.
“What is your name bear?” Koruk asked
“Shtiya ,” the bear said, with a twich of her ears.
“Where are we going?” Koruk asked.
“I take you home, you were lost, now you found,” Shtiya said.
“Bu how can you take me home? Home is miles away and I have know idea were it is.” Koruk pleaded, making himself scared, he was only 10.
“I know the way, we must move quickly, big storm coming,” Shtiya said, looking up at the sky.

Koruk followed Shtiya ’s gaze. He couldn;t see much, because it was still night, but he thought he saw a single star.
“Come,” Shtiya sai” Koruk said, he couldn’t belief it.
Shtiya nudged him “come, we must make haste, storm approaches.”
Koruk nodded and, grabbing fistfuls of white fur, scrambled onto Shtiya ’s back. As soon as he was on properly, Shtiya went into a fast lopping gallop. They were travelling faster than Koruk had ever travelled, even faster than a dog sled.

Koruk woke up, realizing that he had fallen asleep on Shtiya ’s back. He was the ground and Shtiya was nudging him.
“You fell asleep and fell off, we rest.” Shtiya lay down next to Koruk, protecting him from the winds that arged all around. The storm was approaching. Koruk fell asleep. He dreamed of the storm.

Koruk woke up. It was morning. The storm was still going but it had died down. Shtiya was already standing up. She said “we go.” Koruk jumped onto Shtiya ’s back and she took off. They travelled for hours. And then the snow storm started up again. Koruk pressed himself against Shtiya as she struggled against the elements. Eventually they had to stop. Koruk slid of Shtiya and she lay down, back against the wind and Koruk lay next to her.

Koruk and Shtiya woke up the following morning. The sun had risen abit higher since yesterday. Koruk could see more clearly. On the horizon, Koruk could see a settlement. His settlement! Koruk pointed excitedly towards the igloos. “There!” he shouted to Shtiya . “We run.” She replied. Shtiya seemed to smile.

As Shtiya ran with Koruk bouncing on her back, Koruk asked “Shtiya , how come I can hear you in my mind?”
Shtiya replied “Koruk wish to go home and talk to animals. Koruk’s wish came true because Koruk asked his ancestors.”
“So ther real, the ancestors in the Northern Lights.”
“Yes.” Shtiya said

By the end of the day, Koruk and Shtiya had almost reached the settlement. But then Shtiya skidded to a stop.
“Koruk go without Shtiya .”
“Why?” Koruk said, confused
“Koruk’s people hunt Polar Bear, Shtiya go now.”
Koruk slid off Shtiya and hugged her . “Visit me in my dreams.”
“Yes,” Shtiya said, she licked Koruk’s cheek, turned and galloped into the snow. Koruk watched her go, then he turned. Koruk ran towards his home.

Noatak came out of his hut, holding a pile of raw fish. When he saw Koruk running towards him. He dropped the fish and ran towards his son. They crashed into eachother. Noatak hoisted Koruk up and turned in a circle. The other members of te settlement came out of their huts and walked over to the father and son. Over Noatak ’s shoulder Koruk watched Shtiya walking away, then the ice bear disappeared into the wind.

{{Heres the site to enter the competition }}
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Wishful Thinking- For Competition
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