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PostSubject: Characters   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:08 am

Your username: lozza

Character's name: Shadow (her real name is Súndavar, but she prefers to be just called Shadow)

Character's age: 79

Character's attitude: Shadow is feisty and doesn't listen to anything people say and will not take orders. She wants to be like everyone else and hates when people misjudge her just because she can't walk.

Character's Race: half elf half human

Character's appearance:

(no weapons/fyrn)

Character's allegiance: Varden

Weapons: Shadow uses a weapon that is similar to a dragon rdiers sword, but instead of being a sword it is a dagger. Because she cannot use a sword. Shadow is also very skilled in magic and prefers to use magic than weapons.

Other Info: Shadow is a dragon rider

History: Shadow was born in Ellsemera 79 years ago. Her father lived there for a while but then he couldn't handle it any more so he moved to Aberon in Surda. Shadow was 16 years old, she had gone on a trip with her half brother Kaliir. They had gone on horseback and left Weldenvarden. When they were traveling, they were attacked by a lone Urgal.

Shadow and Kaliir fought hard. Shadow had dashed up a tree then jumped from a branch to smash the Urgal on the head with her sword. But the Urgal had reacted quickly and had swung his sword, slicing through her legs, just above the knees. Since she had no magic, she couldn't heal herself. Shadow has fallen unconcious and had woken up back in Ellesmera, but her legs couldn't have been reattached. Her mother had sung a wheelchair from the trees with beautiful makings on it. A few weeks later a brown male dragon egg hatched for Shadow. She named the dragon Fyrn.

In the Battle of the Burning Plains, her brother Kaliir followed the elves sent to fight and protect Eragon. When he was with the Varden he did a spell on his ears and face so he looked like a human, similar to the one Arya used. So he could sneak in and fight. But sadly he was killed in the battle.

She trained with Orimis for years and stayed in Ellesmera, training in magic and becoming a dragon rider. Since Shadow and Orimis are both crippled, they get along really well. Shadow may be crippled, but it doesn't stop her from being a dragon rider.

Role Play Sample: Shadow wheeled her self through the empty streets of Ellesmera, her dagger was on her belt, her pack hung off the abck of her wheelchair with supplies. She was leaving. Orimis and Glaedr were dead. Kaliir was dead. She hardly spoke to her mother anymore. What was there for her there. Shadow soon arrived at the Menona tree, where Fyrn was waiting for her.
Took your time Súndavar Fyrn chuckled, he was laying on the ground to make it easier for Shadow to mount him.
Don't call me that Shadow hissed and she wheeled over to the large brown dragon.

Shadow reached her arm behind her back and grabbed her pack. She reached up and secured it onto the back of Fyrn's saddle. Then she grabbed hold of the saddle and heaved her body up onto it. Then Shadow reached down and picked up her wooden wheelchair. She folded it the way her mother had shown her and tied it onto her saddle on top of her pack. Shadow had one last thing to do. She used the special ropes on the each side of the saddle to secure her legs so she wouldn't fall off.
Ready? She asked Fyrn
Ive been ready for half an hour Fyrn chuckled as he jumped into the air, pushing down his large wings and flew into the sky and into the night.

Dragon information:

name: Fyrn

age: 3

gender: male

colour: brown

cheek spikes: 4

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