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This is an Inheritance Cycle RPG forum mainly for me and my friend, but feel free to join if ya want to
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 Chars for Cade and Kagame RP

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PostSubject: Chars for Cade and Kagame RP   Sun Mar 28, 2010 9:39 am

name: Cade - is known as 'Shadow'
gender: male
other: Cade is well known. He slays all types of demons. He's half demon himself but with what type you ask? no one knows.. He has heaps of abilities but his main ability he uses is being able to see without using his eyes... He gets paid to slay demons from town to town and he refuses to let anyone come with him, except his younger sister, Kagame. He's very dangerous!

name: Kagame - is known as 'the fire lilly'
gender: female
other: like Cade no one really knows her real name just her name 'The Fire Lilly'. She uses flowers to her advantage and ice. She may look young innocent and weak but watch out! you got the wrong target! She's nearly as strong as Cade...but she's still a girl....
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Chars for Cade and Kagame RP
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